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Harry Rein, J.D. M.D.
was the only Doctor-Lawyer-Judge
in the U.S. and is associated
with leading doctors and lawyers
in the country in order to provide
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Material contained on these pages
is not legal advice.
It is not a substitute for an attorney.
Your lawyer must become familiar
with you, your particular case,
the issues and the law in your state.
These pages are only guidelines
to help you begin to understand
medical malpractice and injury
cases. We don't know your case,
its strengths, its weaknesses,
your experts, or the law applicable.
Therefore, consult your attorney
or we can help you find one here.

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We are teams of doctors and lawyers - experienced dealing with medical malpractice, personal injury, car accidents, and other injury problems caused by someone else's mistakes or negligence, fraud, managed care, nursing homes
and insurance companies when they fail to meet their obligations.
Case examples include but are not limited to: failure to diagnose cancer, heart disease, wrong treatment, or medicine, birth injuries, ruptured appendix, missed fracture, paralyzed, wrong operation, podiatry malpractice, cerebral palsy, work injury, pregnacy, disc surgery, falls; and pain and suffering, soft tissue injury, car wrecks;
and civil rights - discrimination cases. We can help you find expert witnesses or a lawyer.
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